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hi output alternatorWe are your dependable and affordable source for high output alternators.

Our STARCHARGE ALTERNATOR series is available in 140-200 AMP Models. Most are direct replacement units, meaning no modifications, no re-wire, no-hassle installations. Our low speed power curve and high top end assures you of amperage throughout the RPM range. Afterall, anyone can put out power at 60 MPH! Custom chrome and powdercoat finishes are available too! And you Honda owners need not worry...we have them for you too!

STARCHARGE ALTERNATORS are designed for the high amperage requirements of Mobile Hi-Fi Audio/Video, RV Applications, Marine, Trucking and Lighting uses,among others. They come ready to install, manufactured using new hi-amp rotors, stators, diodes and regulators. Each comes complete with fan and solid core pulley matching your vehicle's system.

Whether you're a hobbyist or professional, you'll feel and appreciate the power of a STARCHARGE ALTERNATOR.

Our STARCRANK STARTER is geared to the hi compression enthusiast. Got 9-14:1? High torque coils and armatures give these starters their power allowing you to crank that puppy! Heavy duty solenoid and gears complete the story. These are not for Mom's taxi. Only the serious need a STARCRANK STARTER.

hi output starter

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